World Premiere of Helio Smart Shelter – an Autonomous Shelter of the Future

KATOWICE, November 3rd, 2018 – Helio Smart Shelter can already be viewed in Katowice. The first prototype of the bus stop is located at the Korfanty street, close to the famous city landmark called Spodek. It was prepared specifically for UN’s COP24 climate summit.

Gwidon Idziak, Aldona Kret-Dzwigoń and Kasia Janicka from Derstone x Off Teoria design studio are responsible for the design. Olgierd Jeremiasz, the CEO of Helioenergia sp. z o.o and the producer of the shelter, served as the specialist in the field of photovoltaics during the project. The entire project was managed by Rafał Strzelecki.

“Helio Smart Shelter is supposed to fit into the needs of people commuting by public transportation, who want to feel safer and well-informed” says Gwidon Idziak, one of the designers. “That’s we have equipped it with important components like the ability to call for help, monitoring camera, easy-to-use smartphone charger or a Wi-Fi communication module. But first and foremost: we wanted to create a project that’s entirely environment friendly” Idziak adds.

Designers wanted to use the photovoltaic elements to their fullest as the shelter is fully autonomous energetically thanks to the LSC photovoltaic cells installed on the roof and on the glass walls. Such solutions produce energy that powers the E Ink devices, that display the passenger targeted information. The needs of regular public transport users were the main inspiration here.

Helio Smart Shelter was designed with safety in mind. Same with integration with the city through teleinformatics and CCTV. The designers want to support the passengers with their daily commuting. The shape of the shelter is supposed to fit cities both architectonically modern as well as ones filled with old tenement houses or residential skyscrapers. To achieve a better visual and practical effect, the edge of the shelter uses lighting based on LSC technology. This allows for increasing the energetic efficiency of photovoltaic panels up to 15%.

Helio Smart Shelter fits into worldwide trends both with its environment friendly concept as well as its functionalities. The project is supposed to come in plenty of variants tailored to the needs of every person ordering it. There will be 5 versions offered with additional options to choose from.

Katowice are the first city in the world with its own Helio Smart Shelter Prototype.