How Our Cities Are Becoming Smarter

The topic of smart cities gets more popular with each passing year. Urban landscape gets equipped with more and more intelligent sensors and solutions,  which a decade or two ago would belong to SF books and movies. 

What are the best examples of inventions that make our cities “smarter”? For example the safety increasing CCTV cameras reacting to any suspicious behaviours or health emergencies through the districts. Same for electricity, water and waste related solutions that intelligently measure the needs of each area and lead to huge savings in the usage of resources. Parking lots can be less crowded if cities equip them with smart sensors monitoring how full they are and suggesting other locations nearby. The possibilities are endless. 

Examples? Dubai has its own autonomous, driverless, public transport system planned for 2030 or QR codes printed on important buildings. New York City is working on intelligent informations kiosks accessible to all citizens and providing tons of useful and valuable data while serving as Wi-Fi hotspots. Copenhagen uses special ecological cars measuring levels of pollution and actively helping in lowering them.

Helio Smart Shelter is another solution like these mentioned above. Its interactive totem and accessibility options should help in making another step towards making our cities smarter.