About Us

The mission of the Helioenergia company is to make Smart Cities a reality.

In our innovative Helioenergia laboratory we create professional SilverCon products: from silver nanopowders and paints to electrically conductive pastes. We have also created a technology of thermal silver plating – the only alternative to galvanic silver plating. Our pastes, used in the production of conductive paths and layers, ensure high surface adhesion and low resistance.

Our company successfully implements research projects from the field of thick-layer materials and photovoltaics. Our main lines of action include the support of photovoltaics, which allows the focusing of more light on solar cells and the integration of photovoltaics with architecture, construction and vehicles.

Our latest project is the fully independent Helio Smart Shelter. Its design was created by Gwidon Idziak, Aldona Kret and Katarzyna Janicka from Derstone x Off-Teoria.


About Helio Smart Shelter

The first step towards smart city. Helio bus shelter was designed to fit into the architecture of modern metropolises powered by information. Thanks to the innovative usage of solar energy, Helio Smart Shelter has low power consumption, is fully independent and stays environment and user friendly. E-ink screens provide passengers with all sorts of valuable information. The construction is modular and can be upgraded with additional technologies.